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Tournament: Community-Wide PS2 Hero Assault 2v2

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Valkryie 0 0 Seed 2 0
{JOG} 1 0 1 4
{LSJ} 0 0 Seed 4 0
FJO 0 0 Seed 5 0
Beasts 0 0 Seed 7 0
Strikers 0 0 Seed 8 0
{R} 0 1 Eliminated - 8 -1
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Community-Wide 2v2 PS2 Hero Assault Tournament Signups (Tournament #1)

Wed Oct 09, 2013 1:43 pm by [NH]Shadow

Community-Wide PS2 Hero Assault Tournament Signups:
Infinite Choke is On.
Slow Run is On.
No Gunners.
Force is On.
Team Damage is On, No Team Killing to avoid death
No Spawnkilling.
No Glitching.
Fixing Droids Allowed.
To sign up, choose a partner (can be from in-clan or out of clan), and decide upon a name. If you are from the same clan, please enter as your clan name (unless multiple teams from one clan sign up). Subs will be allowed, if there is a conflict of schedules.

Matches are played in 2 rounds of 30 Kills. After one round, teams switch sides.
Matches will be held on one of the following servers:
{GJ}Academy (password will be changed to 2v2 for Tournament matches)

We still need some servers to use so any clan willing to allow their server to be used for a 2v2 would be very much appreciated. This is going to be a nice, clean, fun tournament.

Points System:
A Win is +4 Points.
A Tie is +2 Points.
A Loss is -1 Points.

{JOG}: {JOG}Berserk and {JOG}Skylink
{GJ}: {GJ}Riptide and {GJ}
FJO: {LSJ}Taylor and {LSJ}Swerty
Valkyrie: -V-Blade and -V-Blaine
Strikers: (JOG)Inferno and Kenzie
Beasts: {JOG}deathchamber and (JOG)VIKING
{R}: {R}Syler and {R}Fir3hazard
{LSJ}: {LSJ}Kratos and {LSJ}Volt

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TOURNAMENT UPDATE: 2v2 [PC] CONQUEST!! (Tournament #2)

Sun Nov 24, 2013 4:36 pm by (ֆᎳᏞ)ᏢᎡᎬᎠᎪᎢᏫᎡ


The 2v2 conquest tournament will be starting on December 7th, 2013.

~Points System (triple elimination):
+4 points awarded for a win.
-1 point for a loss.
+2 for each if it's a draw (will not count as a loss).

--Maps Allowed: (the reason for this is that it's a 2v2 tournament so some maps are simply too big to have a good fight in).
Tantive IV

~No specials.
~No capturing command posts! (at the beginning of the 2v2 each team has to have control of 3 cp's, 2 for Tantive, if a cp is capped by another team while the 2v2 is in progress it will be a map forfeit the the team who capped the cp, unless the cp isn't fully captured by the other team in which case the map may be reset).
~It can be best of 3 maps or only 1 map, it must be agreed by the teams before the start of the 2v2. If they cannot agree, it must be best of 3 maps.
~If a player team kills ([TK]s) their teammate, it will be counted as +1 kill for the opposing team. In other words, first team to run out of reinforcements loses.
~Team damage on.
~Only Galactic Civil War.
~No glitching.
~40 Reinforcements (after a team gets 20 kills on the other team, both teams have to switch factions. In other words, play to 20 and then switch factions each map).
~No tanks.
~No turrets (Sniper auto turrets are allowed).
~If someone lags out, the 2v2 must be paused.

To sign up reply here!

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